There are different perception of online education system especially amount the older generation because of the fear of quality education compared to the traditional one’s.


Schooling online is a welcomed idea especially knowing that a lot of institutions are now running programs for their student who stay very far or even in another country. According to “Pew Researcher report,” those that were born after 1980 in the United State are the most educated. Education has constantly been improving with the discovery of betters’ ways that students can have access to knowledge and this also involves the use of online platforms to train and educate people.

This is not just the case on ground, the “National Centre For Education Statistics” reported that a graduate in 1979 actually spent less than $10,000 in education while in 2013 it was reported that graduates spend at least $120,000 and is also indebted with at least $15,000. It was in this light that many institutes has decided to embrace the use of online schooling system of education to reduce the cost of traditional education system. Pew Researcher has also reported that about 60% of private universities offer courses online.

There are different perception of online education system especially amount the older generation. Some people feel online studies are like a do my online classes for me. There is the fear of quality and standard of education compared to those that attended the traditional system of education.

There are statistical backing that states that employers still prefer traditional education to online education according to “public agenda.” Although this perspective of employers are changing especially since 2014 87% of HR professionals that are in nursing and health care unit have had a very good report to have improved their organization.

However, in other to know whether or not online education is worth it, we will need to look at two major things which are below.

– The Cost of online education

– The Quality of online education.


The Cost of Online Education

 Many people pursue online schooling for different reasons, for some it that they are working full-time jobs to support their family and the best way to school is online, while for some other, they have parenting duties and also they live far from school.

Sincerely, schooling the traditional way is not easy, you have to pay tuition fees, boarding and room fee and also text book. For online school, all this fees are scrapped off. So schooling online plays a big role in reducing the cost of schooling.


The Quality Of Online Education


This has been a real source of smoldered over the years where employers kept on arguing over the quality of online education. Some believe that that online education does not give student to competent, correct course and the ability of a student to handle the course requirement.

However, in resent times, it has been proven that student who graduate from online education perform better because most of them has had a little working experience really have a lot along side with the online certificate.

There used to be a lot of things to worry about when it comes to online education. However, statistics has proven constantly that online education student has a higher tendency to read online. So if you are wondering whether online education is worth it, now you know the answer to your question.

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