Liquid floor screed is a modern flooring technique. It is done instead of the traditional flooring technique of mixture of sand and cement. As compared to the mixture of sand and cement, liquid floor screed is easy to lay and is self-compacting and self-leveling. It also gives a smoother finish to the floor without the need to create pressure sucking points and is more reliable than the traditional mixture of sand and cement.  

Comparing Pricing of Liquid Floor Screed

When we compare the pricing of the traditional method of a mixture of cement and sand to the pricing of floor screed, there is a slight difference of two pounds. Liquid floor screed cost is approximately two pounds per square meter of the floor than the mixture of cement and sand. The pricing of both the techniques is given below: 

  • Mixture of cement and sand is about 14-16 pounds per meter square
  • Floor screed costs around 16-18 pounds per meter square

But when the benefits of liquid floor screed are compared to the mixture of cement and sand, the benefits are huge in front of the price difference. As these things matter a lot in the construction process and are lifelong so it is better to spend a little more and get the best option for your flooring.

finished product

If you are planning to get your floor screed using liquid floor screed, then you must call some contractors and get a price estimate from at least four contractors. Make a chart; compare the prices with the services they are offering and the materials they are using. Hasty decisions often result in loss of time and money. Apart from the benefits mentioned above of liquid floor screed that the slight difference of two pounds offers you, following are some of the other benefits liquid floor screed can offer you:

  • It is easy to pour.
  • It has a better conductivity than sand and cement while the expansion is minimal.
  • It is easily customizable as per the needs of the customer.
  • It has a low shrinkage, and it does not curl.
  • It is hygienic and does not harbor bacteria.

Make sure that the contractor you hire does not have any hidden charges so you can avoid any hassle later on.  Overall though, liquid floor screed is becoming more and more popular over standard cement for good reason.  If you’re planing on re-doing your home or building a new one, this is definitely something to look into.


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