Water damage shouldn’t be taken lightly, no matter how small it is. The water can crawl into your furniture, carpets, walls, floors and cause a permanent or temporary damage. And the most dangerous part is when it gets in touch with electricity. If you face a water damage, you should follow few simple tips in order to reduce further costs and clean your place effectively.

water damage cleaning

#1 Disconnect the power. The very first step in preventing additional damage is to disconnect the power in your house. You should make sure that you turned off every major power supply in the house. That will save your house from fire related accidents.

#2 Unplug the appliances. When you disconnected power switches, you should unplug the appliances. In the case water entered your living room, you should unplug the TV, too. The same thing stands when the water goes near your computer.

#3 Remove furniture. After you’ve unplugged the necessary appliances, you should start moving them. That way you will have the access to the back walls and places which can also be affected by the water. If a water damage is happening in your living room, you might want to remove some furniture, too. Especially, take out the carpets and anything that lays on the floor.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage

#4 Remove the water. When you’ve cleared the way and now can see the real damage, you should start with removing water from the floor. Use buckets and dish clothes to remove pools of water. Fort Lauderdale Water Damage can help you learn more about this.

#5 Dry out the stains. Water will leave stains on your walls, floors, even ceiling. In that case, you should try to dry out the stains by using a fan or a heater. However, this could take forever and you still won’t be able to cover the larger areas that are affected. You might want to think about hiring a professional water restoration company, which will act faster and dry out your place in no time. By a faster drying time, they will prevent that moisture and humidity stick into walls and floors. This is important because moisture makes room for mold growth, which can be a serious threat to your health.

cleaning after water damage

#6 Don’t forget disinfection. Drying out will help to remove stains and moisture, but what will help to remove the distinct smell from your house? Even though you have dry the whole place out, you still need to apply disinfection products on affected areas. The one reason for this is to prevent mold growth and to remove the existing mold. The other reason is to destroy the bacteria and microorganisms that can also harm your health if they stay inside the walls and in the air. A great product to use is a bleach, but make sure you don’t mix it with ammonia! After you’ve applied it to critical areas, open the windows and let it dry.

#7 Ditch damaged stuff. There will be damaged stuff, no matter how fast you acted to a water damage. You shouldn’t try to save carpets or furniture because they will need too much time to dry out.



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