The biggest winners in lottery history and where they are now

Everyone has a craze of investing their money in the lottery so that they can live their life the way they want but only a few are lucky enough to win a lottery and fulfill their dreams. There are some people that won a lottery and wasted their money in useless activities and today they’ve moved back to the life they were living before winning the lottery.

There are others who used their winnings wisely and became successful in the world. Today, we’re going to take a look at the history of people who won the lottery and used it in different ways. The major part of the list that we’re going to mention in this article is taken from the Thailand lottery result. Let’s take a look at the biggest winners in the lottery history and where they are now.

Jack Whittaker

In 2002, Jack won the $315 millions. He was already a millionaire as he was the president of the West Virginia construction company. But his life took a u-turn when he became completely broke in 2006. His daughter and granddaughter died of overdoses. Jack used to say that it just happened due to the extra money.

He faced a lot of problems after winning the lottery. And he always says that I wish that I had torn the ticket up. Unfortunately, Jack’s story is very sad but there are many others that became very successful after winning the lottery and they are doing very good in their lives.

Dave & Erica Harrig

This lucky couple won $61 million in 2013. They are still doing very good in their lives. This couple made their dreams come true after winning the lottery. They bought their desired cars and a beautiful new home. They also took retirement after winning the lottery. And they don’t have to worry about waking up early or going to bed early. They’re enjoying their life the way they want.

They still give importance to their families and friends more than anything else. One remarkable fact about this couple is that they always invest their money very carefully. They have a team of expert advisors that provide them information about how and where to invest.

Marie Holmes

Marie was 26 and she was trying to support her four kids by working 5 part-time jobs. One of her kids was suffering from cerebral palsy. The $564 million jackpot changed her life completely.

She bought a home for her mother, finished her education, and took good care of her sick son. Her boyfriend was the only trouble in her life because she had to spend a lot of money to bail him out of jail for drugs.

This makes us believe that money isn’t everything in the life but there are many other things that can make you feel comfortable. There are many billionaires that do not have peace and comfort in their lives.

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